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-          Curriculum Vitae   -

Name                                         Dr. Ako Rashed Hama

Place and Date of Birth:          Iraq- Sulaimania  ; 1972.

Marital Status:                           Married

Nationality :                               Kurdish

Languages :                              English , Arabic , and Kurdish

                                                    with excellent reading and writing and speaking

Profession                                 Civil & Environmental Engineer

Qualification                             PhD,  MSc and BSc

Address                                     Faculty of Engineering

                            Permanent Lecture of Irrigation  Engineering Department

Address                                     PAK city , Sulaimani , Iraq.




ako. hama

+964(0)7701526867 Asia Cell


§  B.Sc. from University of Baghdad ,College of Engineering ,Civil Engineering Dept.,1995.

§  M.Sc. from University  of  Technology, College of Engineering, Environmental & Sanitary Engineering  Dept.,1999.

§  Ph.D. University of Technology, Building and Construction Dept .Environmental Engineering Branch , 2011

§  Head of Student Registration Unit /Faculty of Engineering /University of Sulaimania 2000-2002.

§  Head of quality assurance and continuous academic development of Irrigation Engineering Department , 2009-2011. 

§  Head of Irrigation  Engineering Department / Faculty of Engineering / University of Sulaimani from 2011-2015.

§  Member of the board of scientific and academic promotions committee at the faculty of Engineering , university of Sulaimania since 2012 .

§  Chairman  of Civil Engineering Department / Komar University of Scientific and Technology / Sulaimani - Iraq ( -  Current  2016.

Researches and Papers

§  The Use of Okra as a Coagulant and Coagulant Aids in the Removal of Heavy Metals of Solid Waste Leachates Eng. & Tech. Journal, Vol.30, No.20, 2012

§  Evaluation of the Performance of the Aerated Grit Chambers Under No Maintenance Condition Eng. &Tech. Journal, Vol.32, Part (A), No.13, 2014

§  Study of Classification of Kirkuk city due to traffic noise pollution in different location in using ArcGIS tools

§  Snowmelt runoff modeling for mountains around Sulaimani city by using remote sensing and high resolution satellite data ( under Publishing ).

§  A Study into the nature and resources of Sulaimania Solid Waste , and Its Management (under publishing).


Trainings and Courses

o   Participate in short course "Water Management, Water Supply and Hydraulic Structure Design" in Stuttgart University – Germany, 20/1/2005 – 4/2/2005.

o   Technical training course on Hanna Instrument 21-26 March 2015 in UAE .


Memberships and Societies


§ Member of the Iraq Union of Engineers  since 1995  .

§ Member of the Iraqi  Computer Society  since 1995 .

§ Member of the Kurdistan  Union of Engineers – Sulaimani since 1995 .

 Project  Supervisions

Students Names




Goran N. Jabbar

Design of a Water Treatment Plant for Sulaimania City



Farhad M. Salih

Saman K. Ali

Ali Rawof Nori

Design of Pipe Network For A residential Area By Using Computer Aids



Bakhtar Ahmad Mohamad

Rzgar Star Mohamad

Ali Khurshed

Design of Irrigation Project To Sarchnar Region Canals



Dlshad Mhamad

Deman Gafoor

Pshtiwan Sadiq Ali

Design of Sewerage For Halabja-Taza(Zone No.4)



Ali Rassul Khadir

Salar Muhammed

Design of Combined Sewerage For Industrial Area Of Sulaimani



Hunar Felah

Bilal Bakir

Jutyar Muhamed Salih

Design of Storm Water For Industrial Region No.2 of Sulaimani



Twana Muhamed Ali

Diary Muhamed Rasheed

Hersh Ali Abdullah

Recycling of Styropole in Concrete Unit Blocks



Hawarga Rasheed Abdullqadr

Sozan Ibrahim Mohammed

Payam Ali Deena

Layla Abu Bakr

Design of a hydraulic model for Hawary Shar park area .



Gona Burhan Abdulah

Hozan Saeed Muhammed

Halo Brzo Mahmood

Design of a 10000 M3 ground water tank for Hawaryshar Park area.



Zana Ahmed Muhammed

Dlnia Ibrahim Nasreden

Use Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension to model and design storm sewer network for University of Sulaimania – New Campos.



Dashne Othman Shareef

Shene Hassan Hassein

Niga Tofeq Saleem

Hero Ahmed Rasol

Practices and Experiences


§  Studying and Upgrading the performance of  Al Rustamiah Sewage Treatment Plant - South of Baghdad- Iraq, during 1998-1999.

§  Working at Al Wathba water Treatment Plant; Baghdad For three months.

§  Working as civil eng. In Military Engineering Works ;1995-1996 .

§  Designing water distribution network for (Peramagroon , Shkarta and Dokan) subdistricts lying in Suleimania Governorate – Iraq ,   which was under the Unisco Fund 986 unrs

§  Designing the hydraulic and mechanical works in Dokan water treatment plant which was submitted to  the Ministry of municipality and Tourist – Suleimania Governorate-Iraq  with  Unisco Fund 986 unrs.

§  Designing the  hydraulic and mechanical works in of the following Water Supply Projects which were submitted also to ministry of municipality and tourist Suleimania Governorate-Iraq  :- For (Darbandikhan , Halabja Shaheed , Penjween ) Subdistricts 2005-2006 .  

§  Preparing Bill of the quantities and tenders for the instruction of the above designed projects.

§  Checking and approving the designed wastewater treatment plant  by the FDC – TEPE JV Turkish Company , for the university of Sulaimania new campus 2007 .

§  Designing the water supply and sewer system collection for the Rania Residence complex proposed to be build at 2008 .

§   Head of the water works and environmental engineering works at the college of engineering consulting bureau ,till 2010.

§   Environmental impact assessment for chicken egg producing project  to be build  near north  of Sulaimania city July - 2008 .

§  Environmental impact assessment for Bazian  aluminum wire  and cable manufacturing factory propose to be build at south west of Sulaimania city August - 2008 .

§  Environmental impact assessment for Kalar stone crushing plant to be build  near Kalar district   south east of Sulaimania city October- 2008 .

§  Working as a hydraulic consultant engineer in Kalar water supply project with "OZLEM" Turkish company, 01/04/2006 – 01/01/2007 

§  Design of Kalar Water Supply Network 2008 , about 340 km length , as a project submitted to ministry of water and sanitation  directory of water of outside Sulaimania places . 

§  Supervising and Checking  of the Design and implementation of the Air Ventilation and Lightening works of the Azmer Tunnel / Sulaimania 2.4 km length which under taken by ICG Iranian company , 2009 .

§  Design of the LP gas distribution  network for Engineering City Complex , Erbil 2009.

§  Design and Supervision of the implementation of the Sewerage drainage system networks for Atlantic – City for the Claremont – group company  2012.

§  Checking and supervising the design of the project three packaged wastewater treatment plant of capacities 1500 , 1000 and 500 m3/day for Dokan designed by Italian engineering  SGI – Company , 2012.

§  Permanent  Lecturer at  University of Sulaimani ; faculty  of engineering / Dams and Water Resources  Department and Irrigation Engineering Department  since 2000 and during this time period I give  lectures on :

-         Advanced Wastewater treatment ,  graduated students , PhD .

-         Decentralize Wastewater Treatment , graduated students , PhD

-         Remote Sensing and GIS , graduated students , MSc .

-         Environmental Engineering  for  4th year students

-         Computer applications  3rd year students

-         Engineering Analysis 3rd year students

-         Water supply & Sewerage 3rd year students

-         Mathematics II 2nd year students

-         Strength of Material 2nd Year students

-         Engineering Statistics 1st year students

-         Computer Programming 1st year students , and other courses.

§  Consultant Engineer  at the great park project of Hawary Shar 4400 Acre  Area Sulaimania from 2012 till now .


1-      Prof. Dr. Adnan Abbas AlSamawi / University of Technology / Building and Construction Department ,email:,Phone :009647901883918

2-      Prof. Dr. Jalal A. Saeed   / University of Sulaimania / Faculty of Engineering / Civil Engineering  Department , email: , Phone :009647701410192

3-      Prof. Dr. AdulSalam A. Rasul   / University of Sulaimania / Faculty of Agricultural Sciences/ , Phone :009647701541212