Researches and Papers

          §   The Use of Okra as a Coagulant and Coagulant Aids in the Removal of Heavy Metals of Solid

      Waste Leachates Eng. & Tech. Journal, Vol.30, No.20, 2012     Download .

§  Evaluation of the Performance of the Aerated Grit Chambers Under No Maintenance Condition Eng. &Tech. Journal, Vol.32, Part (A), No.13, 2014  Download .

§ The modeling of lead removal from water by deep eutectic solvents functionalized CNTs: artificial neural network (ANN) approach  Link

$ Study of Classification of Kirkuk city due to traffic noise pollution in different location in using ArcGIS tools.

§ Snowmelt runoff modeling for mountains around Sulaimani city by using remote sensing and high resolution satellite data ( under Publishing ).

§  A Study into the nature and resources of Sulaimania Solid Waste , and Its Management (under publishing).