Dr. Dana Ahmed Abdullah

1) MBChB (Bachelor Degree in Medicine and General Surgery), 1998
2) MSc (Master of Science) in Hematopathology (University of Salahaddin, College of Medicine), 2004
3) PhD Laboratory Medicine, Hawler Medical University, School of Medicine, 2011
4) Bone Marrow Transplantation Symposium and Workshop, Cairo (2005)
5) Turkish - United States First International Workshop on Flow Cytometry, Istanbul/Turkey (2007)
6) Qiagen Cancer Molecular Genetics Workshop and Lecturing, Dusseldorf, Germany (2015)

Last Research Paper:
Patterns of Cancer in Kurdistan - Results of Eight Years Cancer Registration in Sulaymaniyah Province, Kurdistan-Iraq   

Areas of Interest:
1) Teaching undergraduate students of college of medicine (since 2001)
2) Hematopathology with special concerns on blood film and bone marrow examination in Hiwa cancer hospital.
3) I am now the head of flow cytometry unit in Hiwa hospital: this service will diagnose, classify, and follow-up patients with hematological malignancies (e.g. leukemia, lymphoma).  

Near Projects in Hiwa Hospital:
1) Promising projects on the way to organize and update all laboratory data related to cancer patients and write a number of research papers and tell international journal about our data and findings.
2) Invite UK NEQAS in flow cytometry immunophenotyping to join international activities.
3) CAP (College of American Pathologists) for lab. accreditation.