The scientific researcher, Dr. Dlzar D.Ghafoor was born in 25th January 1977 in Rawanduz/Erbil, Kurdistan region, Northern Iraq. He obtained his Ph.D from University of Sulaimani/Iraq on 2014 in the field of Biochemistry- Protein Crystallography. He obtained M.Sc. in Biochemistry-Enzymology in 2007. His research areas include Protein Biosynthesis and Protein X-ray crystallography. He is currently a part-time lecturer at the Department of Medical Laboratory Science (MLS)/College of Health Science/ Komar University for Science and Technology (KUST). He has published more than 3 Scientific Journal articles.

Bachelor's degree in Chemistry Department- University of Sulaimany
Master's degree in Enzyme kinetics and Biochemistry- University of Sulaimany
Phd in Biochemistry- University of Sulaimany