Personal Information:


Name                  : Hariem Ahmed Abdullah

Date of Birth     : 01/01/1986

E-mail                 :

Address             : Sulaimani, Kurdistan region    

Sex                     : male

Nationality          : Iraqi




·        2012 –  2013            MSc in Accounting and Finance

                                         University of Leicester,   

                                         United Kingdom.

·        2004  –  2008           BSc in Accounting, 

     Administration and Economics       

                                       College, University of


·        2001  –  2004           Sallahadin High School, Sulaimani




-         My Mother tongue is Kurdish.

-         My BSc course was in Arabic and English.

-         My MSc course was completely in English.

-         Therefore, I can use English and Arabic for academic purposes apart from my mother tongue.



-         Successfully completed a 90-hour course of teaching techniques and methods at University of Sulaimani, July 2014.

-         Completed one day course to be a trainer for job seekers at The American University of Iraq-Sulaimai, 2015

-         Predented Several Semenars and attended dozens at University of Sulaimani.


1. A Proposed Framework of Audit Fees Determinants in Kurdistan Region (published)
2. Social responsibility costs and its impact on the reduction of environmental risks (published)
3. Implementation of Just-In-Time manufacturing and its impact on profit maximization (pending) 


·        Worked at Kurdistan Youth Center - Sulaimani for approximately 1 year as an Accountant (2008-2009).

·        Worked as an assistant researcher at the University of Sulaimani for two years and eight months (March 2009- October 2011).

·        Taught two modules (Cost Accounting and Bank Accounting) as an external lecturer at The Technical Institute of Dukan in 2010 -2011.

·        Taught Governmental Accounting and Pharmaceutical Accounting at The University of Sulaimani at three different colleges: School of Administration and Economics (Governmental Accounting), College of Commerce (Governmental Accounting) and College of Medicine (Farmacutical Accounting).

·        Also taught Advanced Financial Accounting (accounting for Partnerships and Corporation) at Cihan University/ Sulaimani.

·        Last Years Taught:

-         Advanced Cost Accounting/ University of Sulaimani/ School of administration and Economics/ Fourth Stage.

-         Accounting Reading/ University of Sulaimani/ School of administration and Economics/ First Stage.

-         Principles of Accounting/ University of Sulaimani/ School of Commerce/ Second Stage.

-         Pharmaceutical Accounting/ University of Sulaimani/ College of Medicine/ Second Stage.

-         Cost Accounting/ Technical institution of Dukan/ Accounting Department/ Second Stage.


Currently working on two scientific research in the subjects of Just In Time Manufacturing and Social Corporate Responsibility.