* MSc dissertation (2013): A Social Networking App And Web Database For Carers. The main aim of this study is to build a social networking application for the iPhone to share personal information between friends. Also the idea for indexing data from Facebook and iTunes songs and create questions automatically. This project was implemented by using the Xcode environment, Objective-C, a web database, a PHP web application and a user interface designed in Adobe Photoshop.

* BSc in Information Technology Final project (2011): UKH-Blackboard Web Interaction Service. This project is an online gateway to University information and services. Students can get all materials such as lecture notes, grades and announcements from university. I built this project by using HTML, PHP, Photoshop, CSS, MYSQL and JavaScript.

* BSc in Mathematics final project (2001): A desktop software for encrypting texts by using PlayFair cipher algorithm. This project programmed by visual basic to encrypt and decrypt a text based on NxN matrix.