The scientific researcher, Dr. Heshu Sulaiman Rahman was born in 30th September 1977 in Sulaimani city, Kurdistan region, Northern Iraq. She obtained her Ph.D from Universiti Putra Malaysia on 2014 in the field of Hematology and Clinical Pathology. She granted best PhD thesis at the Universiti Putra Malaysia for year 2014. Her research areas include the development of alternative treatments for cancers and nanoparticles development for drug delivery. The nanoZER (WO2014/123406 A1) is one of the products of her research. She is currently a Senior lecturer/Chair at the Department of Medical Laboratory Science (MLS)/College of Health Science/ Komar University for Science and Technology (KUST). She has published more than 50 journal and proceeding articles, produced 6 patents and received 10 awards including Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals.