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Karzan Aziz Mahmood

Iraq/Kurdistan – Sulaimaniah, Iskan

Email: karzan1987@yahoo.com


Tel: +9647501628396 or +9647708049840


Education and qualifications

2013-2014       Swansea University (UK)

                           Master Degree/ English Literature

Modules included: Romantic Sublime, Trauma, Modernist Writers, Fascism and Fascism in Europe.


2007 – 2011    University of Sulaimaniah

                           Bachelor Degree/ English Language Department

Modules included: Phonetics, Phonology, Grammar, Educational Psychology, General Psychology, Novel, Short Story, Drama, Poetry and Methodology. Etc.


2004 – 2007    New Kurdistan School

                           High school


Work experience

2015 to present     

English literature and language instructor at Komar University of Science and Technology.

                I have been teaching different ages drama, poetry, novel, etc.



English language trainer at LafargeHolcim.



External trainer and consultant- International Rescue Committee.

                               I assumed the position of "Child Protection Trainer" with International Rescue Committee for 8 months. After that, I had conducted tens of trainings for the organizations and companies. My trainings mostly ranged from Child Protection Concept to Case Management. In addition, I worked as external consultant with IRC lately in which I consulted two CPC trainings, one advanced case management and one case management.


2008 to present

   Teaching English Courses, EILTS, TOEFL- at Cambridge College in Sulaimaniyah, Youth Centre, Plan Institue

I have taught those courses to more than two hundred students in 14 courses.

2007 to present

Translator and interpreter

                               Since 2007 I have translated tens of articles from English to Kurdish and now I have five books translated from English to Kurdish and written two books in Kurdish. I am legal translator as well.



  Fixer and translator with the Sky News

                             I worked with the Sky News in the Peshmarga-ISIS front lines and many other places



Admin and Logistics- Save the Children International

                              I worked with the Save the Children International as Admin and Logistics for three months, but later as I was one of the top tens in the university, I could take part in a linguistics course for exactly one year, so I could not continue in the position as the new opportunity was related to my MA opportunity if I could that course.



Mercy Corps Facilitator

                                For three years I was the facilitator of Kalar Group with Mercy Corps. My position was a voluntary one for being accountable for many duties such as: environmental activities, Seminars and dialogues, international active member of environment online, video conferencing, proposals and generally community services.



Founder of Youth Acculturation Project

                              In 2007 four of my friends and I decided to establish this independent project for general awareness dissemination among the youths of my city and some other towns and cities. We arranged more than 500 seminars, dialogues, debates and courses for hundreds of people ranging from health awareness to social, political, philosophical and scientific awareness. I presented more than ten topics for the group. The number of the people each time attended was not less than 15 people and sometimes it reached 200  people in one sigle meeting.



 Active Member of Save the Children Kurdistan

                            I remember that I was a little way, joined this very active children organization. I have learned lots of things from here especially from the head as he loved children and loved to serve them. I first started with them by reading poems, theatre, and singing. Then, I became a member and responsible for lots of arrangements with some masters and the head. Later, I became active member and presented Children TV shows and Radio Programs. The total number of my programs was 700.



·         MA in English in the UK

·         Bachelor in English Language in Sulaimani University

·         Before access to my master’s course, I got 6.5 in IELTS.

·         Special Four Weeks IELTS Course in the UK.

·         Advanced English Certificate in the UK.

·         5 Weeks Academic University Preparation Course in the UK.

·         Diploma in NLP

·         Certificate of International Civil Society trainer and instructor.

·         Mercy Corps Appreciation Certificate of working with them

·         Child Protection and trainer

·         Case Management and trainer

·         Child Protection Concept Trainer

·         two ToTs Certificate

·         Publich Speaker and Communication Skills

·         Office certificate

·         Journalism Certificate

·         Philosophy Course Certificate




·         Kurdish – native speaker

·         English – Fluent

·         Arabic – good     (reading, listening and little speaking)

·         Persian- good     (reading, listening and speaking)


Computer skills

·         Using all office programs easily and very well

·         Fast in typing 50 WPM



·         Tennis Table

·         Football

·         Cinema

·         Reading

·         Cooking

·         Travelling

·         Singing

·         Teaching



·         Bayad Taha IRC Senior HR (07701942391) Email (bayad.taha@resue.org)

·         Aso Salih LafargeHolcim Learning and Development Manager (07701532424) (aso.salih@lafargeholcim.com)

·         IRC "Heather" protection and education coordinator (07704782819)

·         Mercy Corps ‘Nazim Othman’ (+964 770 191 5859)Nazimothman@gmail.com

·         Intenational Rescue Committee (0770 509 6977) Darya.Kawa@rescue.org

·         Kurdistan Children NestOld Manager‘Muhammad Sabir’(+964 770151 0684) shanoy_kalar@yahoo.com

·         Wano Centre Managaer for IELTS and English Courses ‘ Garmyan Aziz’(+964 770 355 8732) Garmyan1986@yahoo.com

·         Kalar Youth Centre Manager ‘Nabaz Hamid’: (+964 770 504 5636)

·         Tawar Radio Old Manager ‘Azad Othman’ (+964 770 192 3669)azadosman@yahoo.se

·         Chairman of the Youth Acculturation Project ‘ Barzan Amin’ (+964 770 540 2504)