1. In 13-14-2019, I had taken part in the Human Development University's 7th annual conference and presented my paper.
2. In 2019, two of my books have been published which are translation and authored. The first one is under the title "مۆنادناسی" which is philosophical and the other is titled "جه‌نگ و شۆڕش" which is in the field of political economy. 
3. since 2014, I have publish four translated books and wrote a book and released it in 2015.
4. I have translated and written tens of articles in Kurdish and English and my latest article in English titled 'A Power Sharing Deal to End Kurdistan's Active Opposition' published in this link
5. I have delivered more than ten seminars in the last four years and my new ones will be on 'Neoliberalsim, Roots and Crises' which will be held in four different cities (Kalar, Erbil, Sulaimaniyah and Said Sadiq).