This page has the published master's thesis, published conference papers, Journals under review, Patents under review, undergraduate projects supervised and graduate project helped.

Master Thesis:

Muhammad Ali Buriro, "Experimental Investigation Of Asphaltene Precipitation Under CO2 Injection" 
Msc. Thesis, Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia 2014.
Advisor: Dr. Muhannad Talib Shuker
Thesis Committee: Dr. Mostafa Onur, Dr. Abdolrahim Atae  | PDF Download Link

Published Conference Paper

1)   Muhammad Ali Buriro, Muhannad Talib Shuker, “Minimizing Asphaltene Precipitation in Malaysian Oil Reservoir", SPE-168105, Presented at 2013 SPE Annual Technical Symposium and Exhibition, 19-22 May 2013, Al-khobar Saudi Arabia. (PDF)
2)  Muhammad Ali Buriro, Muhannad Talib Shuker, “Asphaltene Prediction and Prevention: A Strategy to Control Asphaltene Precipitation” SPE 163129-MS, Presented at Annual Technical Conference 2012, Islamabad, Pakistan. (PDF)

3)  Muhannad Talib Shuker, Muhammad Ali Buriro, Malik Muhammad Hamza “Enhanced Oil Recovery: The future of Pakistan” SPE 163124-MS, Presented at Annual Technical Conference 2012, Islamabad, Pakistan. (PDF)

4)  Muhammad Ali Buriro, Muhannad Talib Shuker, “Asphaltene Inhibitor Selection: Theory and Practice” Presented at ESTCON 2012, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (PDF)

Patent Under Review

Patent filing still in review in Malaysia titled as “Asphaltene Precipitation Inhibitor” 

Invention Disclosure Form   |  Patent Search Report   | Patent Presentation

Journal Under Review

The following paper was accepted at US conference but unfortunately could not attend it. It will be submitted in Journal soon.

"Experimental Investigation of Asphaltene Precipitation Under CO2 Injection" paper number: SPE-179015-MS for presentation as a Knowledge Sharing Electronic Poster (ePoster) at the SPE International Conference & Exhibition on Formation Damage Control to be held 24-26 February 2016 in Lafayette, LA, USA. ( PDF)

Supervised Undergraduate Projects

1. Study of Hysteresis effect on WAG Injection, Fall 2017                                                                                                     | Download Link

2. A Gas Well Injection pattern: A Case Study, Fall 2017                                                                                                      | Download Link
3. Single Well Coning Study,  Spring 2017                                                                                                                             | Download Link

4. Reserves Estimation, Well performance and Optimization of Kurdistan field, Fall 2016                                                    | Download Link 

5. Pressure Transient Analysis of Radial Homogenous Oil Reservoir and Dual Porosity Gas Reservoir, Fall 2016             | Download Link