II.         Educational Qualifications:




Ph.D in Microbiology / Virology

Biology   Department-   School   of   Science- Sulaimani        University. Joined  in  Nov.  2006  and graduated in Sept. 2009.



M.Sc. In Microbiology/ Immunology

Biology   Department-   School   of   Science- University of Sulaimani, Iraq.  Joined in October 1999 and graduated in Jan.2001.



B.Sc. In Biology/ Microbiology


Biology Department- School of Science- University of Salahaddin, Erbil Joined in October 1987 and graduated in Feb. 1992.


Ph.D thesis title:

Hepatitis B, C, and D viruses among Different Risk Groups in Sulaimani Governorate

M.Sc. Thesis Title:

Immunological and Bacteriological study on chemical bombardment survivors in Halabja

III. Professional Skills and Experiences:

-     Conferences Attended:

·        Participation  and  presenting  a  scientific  research  in  Hiroshima-  UNITAR office in Japan  in  2006  in  the memory  of  Hiroshima  Bombing:  The  title  of the  subject presented   was:     Chemical   Bombardment   of  Halabja:  effects among  Innocent Victims

·         Participation  in  two  conferences  held  in  Iraq  about  Chemical  weapons  and genocide one in Najaf,  and  the  other  one  in Erbil  and  presenting  two  papers on chemical  bombing  of Kurdistan.

·         Participation i n  a  number of  conferences held in  Iraqi Kurdistan region about Chemical weapons and genocide

·         Participation in Scientific conferences held in Sulaimani and Duhok University.


- Training Courses Attended:

-           A Training Course on the Methods of Teaching at the University of Sulaimani-Iraq

-           Participation in a number of workshops and symposiums held in Sulaimani University.


IV.   Summary of Relevant Work Experience Employment (Backward)

·         Instructor (Lecturer) A ssistant 23  Nov. 2002– Sept. 2009 in  Suleimani

U n i v e r s i t y /College o f Science / Biology Department

·         Lecturer from Sept, 2009 ongoing


Other skills and teaching experiences:

1.      Teaching Advanced Immunology, advanced and diagnostic Virology for postgraduate students (High d iploma, and M.Sc. Students).

2.      Teaching   Immunology,   Medical   Bacteriology,   and   Virology   for   undergraduate students.

3.      Teaching Lab.  Techniques, serology and immunology for 1st and 2nd   year students in Halabja technical Institute- Disease analysis Dept.

4.       Teaching   human physiology for an academic year for 1st year students in Chamchamal technical Institute- Nursing Dept.

5.      Teaching Medical Biology for an academic year for 3rd  year students in Technical College- Community health Dept.

6.      Teaching Medical Biology for an academic year for 1st year students in School on Dentistry University of Sulaimani 2011-2012.

7.      Teaching Medical Microbiology for an academic year for 2nd year students in school of nursing- university of Sulaimani 2010-2011.

8.      Teaching  Virology  for   an   academic  year   for   2nd  year   students  in   School   of

Pharmacy-University of Sulaimani 2009-2010.

9.      Teaching  Toxicology  for  two  academic  years  for  3rd year  students  in Technical

College - Community health Dept.

10.  Teaching scientific debate for 1st year students of Biology Dept.

11.   Eight  years  teaching  in  Ministry of Education  -  Preparatory  Schools-  for  Biology Subject.

12.  Teaching Biology for Second, third, fourth, and Fifth Class of Exemplary Schools in

Sulaimani in English language for three years

13.  Supervising  the  graduation  research  project  of  fourth  year  students  of  the  Biology Department during the past years (more than ten research projects).

14.  Participation in a Ph.D. discussion committee as a member.

15.  Participation in the discussion committee of three post graduate M.Sc. thesis.

16.  Participation in the discussion committee of three High diploma students in ministry of health.

17.  Participation  in  the  discussion  committee  of  the  graduation  research  of  fourth year students during the past years.

18.  Preparation of three biology books in English language for preparatory exemplary schools/ KSC.

19.  Writing two booklets (about Biological and Chemical weapons).

20.  Preparing and writing the curriculum biology books for (3rd, 4th, and 5th class

Preparatory schools in English)

21.  Participation in more than 15 scientific committees for evaluation and scientific degrees (1 Ph.D and 9 M.Sc.).

22.  Participation  in  scientific  committees  as  a  member  in  Biology  Dept. and Faculty of Science.

23.   Participation   in  more  than  20  committees   at  the  level  of  University,  faculty and Departments.



- Post graduate supervising:

-    Supervising a high Diploma in Microbiology under the title:

-    Human cytomegalovirus IgG and IgM seropositivity among pregnant women in

Sulaimani city and its relation to abortion

-    Supervising M.Sc. student in Microbiology (Virology) under the title:

Detection of Hepatitis A and E IgG, IgM and nucleic acids in chemical bombardment survivors in Kurdistan


Published researches

1.     Invitro antibacterial activity of honey against some pathogenic bacterial isolates from Sulaimani Teaching Hospital.  2007. Kurdistan Academia Journal   (A); Vol: 5 (No- 1): 65-71.

2.     Inhibitory effects of Habbat Al-Sauda Seed,d (Nigella saliva) extracts against some pathogenic bacteria isolated from Sulaimani Teaching Hospital. 2007. Iraqi Journal of Science. Vol, 48: No. 1, 18-22.

3.     The effect of chemical warfare agents on the immune system of survivors in Halabja. 2008. (JZS) Journal of Zankoy Sulaimani, 11(1) Part A (41-52)

4.     Common health complains among chemical bombardment survivors of Halabja. 2009. Journal of Duhok University, Vol. 12, No. 1: 312-316.

5.     Human Cytomegalovirus IgG and IgM Seropositivity among Pregnant Women in Sulaimani City and Their Relations to the Abortion Rates.  2013. Current Research Journal of Biological Sciences 5(4): 161-167.

6.     Hepatitis A seropositivity among children and students under 18 years old in Sulaimani Governorate-KRG. Accepted in (Asian Journal of medical science), now in press: publication date: October 2015.


V.        LANGUAGES:

Mother Tongue: Kurdish (perfect)

Knowledge of other  languages:







Very Good

Very Good

Very Good

Very Good